How Your Lighting Affects Your Neighbors

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Your home is a shining beacon amidst an otherwise unlit sea of houses. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but you get the point. When your home has outdoor lighting it looks much better than surrounding homes that don’t. Today we will be discussing the positive and possible negative effects your lights can have on your neighbors.

Trespass Lighting: Negatively Affecting Your Neighbors

The term “trespass lighting” refers to the occurrence of your outdoor lighting invading and unwantedly shining into your neighbor’s property; the light is essentially trespassing into their space. “Trespass lighting” can be the result of unfortunate reflection due to surrounding objects, or simply because of bad placement. Two issues that can easily be avoided when working with a professional outdoor lighting expert.

Simply put, the best way to avoid “trespass lighting” is by employing the skills of a professional. This professional will have been trained and will be fully knowledgeable of what causes “trespass lighting” and will be highly considerate of what surrounding objects could potentially cause reflection. They will also know the exact placement that will benefit you and your home fully while avoiding any would-be irritated neighbors. This knowledge and skill set is only a small part of what you would be investing in as a client of outdoor lighting professionals.

Making Your Neighborhood Feel Safer

Easily avoidable negative aspects aside now, there are many more positive benefits of having outdoor lighting installed at your home. First and foremost, in addition to making your individual home safe, it also makes your neighborhood as a whole feel safer.

Think about it: would you feel more secure on a dimly lit and dodgy-looking street or a street lined with attractively lit homes that makes a bold statement of community, comfort, and safety? If your home is has well placed landscape lighting while your neighbor’s does not, it automatically makes your home appear safer and less likely to fall victim to vandalism or burglary.

There is also a considerable domino effect that falls into place when you have beautiful outdoor lighting. If your home is well-lit and appears nicer than your neighbors’ homes, they are more likely to invest in outdoor lighting themselves. No one wants to look inadequate in comparison to their neighbors; keeping up with the Jones is a very real thing.

Attracting Good People To Your Neighborhood

By proxy, that domino effect will ultimately attract better people to your neighborhood and, in the long run, significantly increase your property value. If you invest in high quality landscape lighting, your neighbors follow suit, and eventually the entire neighborhood has gotten an upgrade by merely adding some outdoor lights to their homes. This makes your neighborhood appear nicer and safer. Nice people want to live in nice areas. At the end of the day there is no down side to installing professional-grade landscape lighting.

While there are those negative aspects of outdoor lighting to be considered, they are also incredibly easy to remedy. The positives significantly outweigh the negatives when anything like home and personal safety is in question. Your beautiful and carefully cultivated home not only deserves to be put on display, but it also deserves to be safe and in a nice, safe, and secure neighborhood.