How Landscape Lighting Affects Lawn Care

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If you are a homeowner, chances are you could benefit from any sort of landscape lighting. Chances are you also might have some anxiety due to the fact that with landscape lighting comes installation that could result in problems with the lawn.

Is it worth potentially messing up your beautiful lawn for some lights?

The short answer is, it doesn’t matter if you use a lighting installation service. Professionals know exactly what they are doing and how to properly install outdoor electricity. Services will bury the wiring, which is the most important aspect that will affect the way you care for your lawn. If you invest in quality lights through a quality lighting service, you don’t need to worry.

Wire Burial

The first step to outdoor lighting that saves the lawn is proper wire burial. The professionals who will be installing the wiring and lights are trained to know exactly how to handle the wiring in a way that does not ruin your lawn.

They will bury the wires and know how to find the right places to dig and bury that will not result in future problems or any damage. Lighting professionals also understand how deep to bury the wiring, and the best and most efficient way to get the wiring from the lights to the transformer.

Quality Lights

There are a large variety of lights that can be put in a lawn. Well lights, for example, are lights that lay flat on the ground. If you get quality well lights, lawn mowers will not hurt them at all. They will sit perfectly flush with the ground, so routine lawn maintenance will not damage them. These are typically used for tree lighting or for columns in more commercial settings.

Another landscape lighting option is path lights, which also illuminate the ground for kids and pets. Fortunately, path lights should have the smallest effect on lawn care because they are usually on the edges of the lawn.

Spotlights can also be used in your yard to light up the lawn. Usually they are placed close to trees, as if to spotlight the trees. Homeowners just need to be careful with these because they are typically placed in the middle of the lawn (assuming you have trees throughout your lawn).

Placement and Updating Lawn Care Providers

Placement of your lights is important because they will need to be seen very clearly when doing lawn maintenance or else they could be ruined by a lawnmower. Here’s a pro tip: if you use a law maintenance service, be sure to inform them in detail about your new landscape lighting fixtures after you get them. Otherwise, they could run over lights that didn’t exist a week ago.

In conclusion, landscape lighting will not affect your lawn negatively as long as you are smart about the way get your lights installed. Although you can do it yourself through intensive research, the best way to have beautiful lights and proper lawn care is to let the professionals do the installation regardless of what type of lights you have.

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