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Howdy there landscape lighting fans! For one of our recent smaller jobs, we decided it would be fun to set up a GoPro and create a landscape lighting time lapse video. We hope you enjoy it, and we will explain a little about this job below.

This was one of our more simple landscape lighting projects. As you can see by the end of this video, we setup some path lights and spotlights for this family. What was before a nearly invisible home at night is now showcased beautifully.

The Trees

The tree lighting was fairly straightforward for this job. We lit up five trees with our spotlights and it really helped with the home’s nighttime curb appeal. Now, not only will people be able to see the house at night, but all the trees on either side are visible as well.

The House

The house was almost completely invisible at night and now all its key aspects are shown. You may notice above the front door is not lit very well. That was on purpose. This family wanted the entrance to be more highlighted than the area above the entrance, so that is exactly what we did!


We placed lights around the shrubs at the front of the house to help bring out the landscaping there. Not only do the lights compliment the shrubbery, but it also brightens the pathway a bit as well. This will help your family or any guests see much better when approaching the front door. Well placed lights in the shrubbery not only look good, but are practical as well.

When you do landscape lighting with us, you get a custom experience tailored to your wants and desires. Of course we give some advice as to what usually works and what doesn’t when it comes to design. But for the most part, our customers wind up getting exactly what they had in mind. Except the quality is usually a lot better than people expect 😉

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