How Outdoor Lighting Improves Home Value

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Everybody wants their home to stand out in the neighborhood. It allows your home to stand out among the pack. Additionally, outdoor lighting improves home value in that people prefer to buy a home that already has outdoor lighting. There are many ways a person can add value to their residential property. Some of the ways include garage door modifications and entrance uplifting. However, these two methods cost a lot and major changes in infrastructure. An easier and more cost effective solution is outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting improves home value for both living and reselling.

General Benefits

The general benefits of using outdoor lighting on your property include:

Safety: It illuminates areas around your home that are dark. This gives easy visuals to people using your spaces. It ensures that people don’t trip and fall in those dark places. Safety is one aspect of outdoor lighting that improves home value.

Security: any unauthorized person moving about on your property can easily be seen if the lighting is adequate outside. This helps with security from break-ins and vandalism.

Pleasing to the eye: The general aesthetics improve once outdoor lights are installed. Lights are also known to hide visual defects in the infrastructure of a house. Aesthetics play a vital role in determining the value of a property.

Usage of outdoor space: A lot of outdoor space is wasted, as it cannot be used after sunset. Adding outdoor lights rejuvenates that unused space which can now be used for evening sittings and night grilling activities.

Energy efficiency: Using old standard lights gives you less amount of light for a high electricity bill. Usage of modern LED low-voltage lights enable you to save money and add quality to your home once you want to sell it.

Curb appeal

Creative and effective outdoor lighting systems not only provide practical benefits but also provide curb appeal to your home. Curb appeal can be defined as the visual appeal of a home when it is observed from the street or first entrance. This has the most impact on the value of the property. Research shows that 41% of buyers say outdoor lighting is essential!

Also, you would be surprised how many people look at homes at night. Outdoor lighting can be the difference between your home standing out and looking great or being totally invisible. It also improves your neighborhood’s value. Some people will drive around neighborhoods just to look at all nice houses they wish they could have. If your neighborhood is well lit, more people will visit!

How To Improve Lighting

Let us look at the ways you can use new and existing lighting to improve your outdoor lighting conditions.

Existing Lighting

Most houses have outdoor lighting installed when they were built. You can hire professional help or do it yourself if you have basic knowledge of lights and electricity. The first and foremost method is cleaning of the lights. The lens or glass gets the most dirt accumulated on it. Cleaning the glass from outside and inside gives a new effect to your old lights. It will make the light brighter.

The lights that do not work should be changed. This includes changing of the bulb or the fixture, whichever is not working. Of course, the easiest way to change your lighting is to hire a professional like us to do it for you. Trees and vegetation often block the best of lights. Clear the vegetation blocking the light and making shadows in places you don’t want them. Shadows are another thing professionals can help you with. Does your lighting ever cause there to be shadows in places you don’t want? Professional landscape lighting companies use shadows as a design feature, and they know where shadows would look good and where they will not.

New Lights Installation

This is an investment that adds the “wow” factor to your property. Your home will be the best looking home in town if you get a professional service to do your lighting, especially if your neighbors don’t have outdoor lighting.
With our Free 3 Day Trial you can get a professional landscape lighting design and installation to demo at your home for 3 days absolutely free. If you like the lights, and don’t want us to take them away, then we can talk about pricing.
After you sign up, we work with you to schedule a free consultation at your home. We do it at your home so we can best assess your lighting needs. The Free 3 Day Trial is great because it allows you to visually see in your own yard how outdoor lighting improves home value.

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How It Improves Home Value

Let us take a look at the in-depth details of how outdoor lighting actually improves home value. According to many residents and real estate dealers, the fact has been established that exterior landscape lighting is one of the most desired features of a house buy checklist. It not only improves safety, security, and aesthetics but also adds definite value to your home.

Adding lights to your patio, garden and garage improve the overall aesthetics of your home. Moreover, it creates spaces that you usually lose in the nighttime. You can also add path lights that lead to your home or garage. This makes the entrance a wonderful experience for you, your friends/family, and potential buyers.

Smart Investment

Overall, adding lights to the landscape is a smart investment. If lighting exists already, fill all the gaps. If no lighting is available hire a professional to add outdoor lighting. Lighting is a smart and one-time investment in your home that will bring potential buyers who will be willing to pay more than the average market value in your neighborhood.

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