Best Christmas Light Tips And Tricks

LLPLandscape Lighting Ideas

Christmas tree and ball with lights

The holidays are upon us that mean landscape lighting will soon take over the nights. When done correctly and creatively, holiday lights can make the yard look spectacular. Your front yard can be the envy of every neighbor and passer by if you apply a few tweak, tricks and tips. Here are some ways to light up your landscape throughout the holiday season.

Energy conserving Light Timers

There are some light timers you can use to modulate your light and save energy while putting into effect an incredible light variation. On of the most used light timer activating modulator is the plug in auto on/off module that can support up to 1500 watts. You can adjust the timing to suit your desires. The module will alternate lighting at different intervals to keep the yard well light but beautified.

Differently shaped lights

Using lights with different shapes is an excellent way to illuminate your front yard. You can buy already shaped lights in different colors or you can use ordinary lights and arrange them into your own customized shapes. If you cannot afford colored lights you can use paint or colored paper to modify and produce different colors for your lights.

An example of graphic light landscaping is by use of Moravian stars. These can be grouped together in odd numbers, different spacing and strategically places around the yard to produce an incredible glow. The graphic shapes of the stars combined with the twinkling lights will bring up a beautiful light design bound to make your visitors impressed or neighbors jealous.

Lighting along driveways and walkways

The holidays are mostly likely to bring you more guests as compared to the rest of the year so you can your driveway and walkways brightly lit. The easiest way to achieve this is by taking advantage of any structures along your pathways. You can place some lights or two on trees and shrubs along the pathway. If you are in to decoration, alternate between ordinary lights and strands of colored lights. Lighting your driveway and walkways will provide a guide for your guests and keep the place attractive.

Unlit Structures

A combination of lights and unlit holiday structures can be the ultimate holiday showcase. The key is to keep some structure unlit so they can blend in with your lights, that way they stand out amongst your ambient glow.

Twinkling Hedges

Most people shy away from wrapping hedges with twinkle lights, as it is a tiresome task. The easiest way to do it is to buy net lights. They are easy to install, you simple hang them over the hedge, plug them in once and watch the beautiful glow they produce.

Lighting structures on point of entry

The lighting and decor on a home’s exterior entry should be readable and easy on the eyes. The best way to achieve this balance is to check on your décor from across the street and adjust it accordingly. Take note of the sizes of your wreaths and ornaments, they should not be too small or else they will just appear like a cluster of elements both in proportion and in scale.