5 Outdoor Lighting Techniques

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Outdооr lighting techniques are used to give visibility and beauty to key areas of your home. It is also useful for safety and pathways. There are many different outdoor lighting options, so we put together a few of our favorites.

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1. Path Lіghtіng

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Path lighting is one of the easiest and most common ways to improve your outdoor lighting. Your guests never have to wonder how to get to your front door, and it looks great.

Path lights can also help a lot with safety. If your home’s walkway has steps, but they aren’t big enough to justify step lights, path lights are an excellent solution.

Path lights are also great for the surrounding area of your pool. Say you have some lawn chairs around the pool next to the fence. Path lights can be placed along the fence so you’re not sitting in the dark. No more tiny little annoying book lights!

2. Dоwnlіghtіng

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Downlighting can be a discrete way to give light to areas with trees. Plus, if the lights are dimmable with a remote, you never have to climb up in the tree to adjust them.

They are also useful for patio areas and for highlighting beams. Downlights are one of our favorite lighting solutions because of their size. They are small and placed above everything to create a lot of light in an inconspicuous way.

3. Uplighting

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Uplighting is usually done with spotlights and well lights. Spotlights offer the most light out of all lighting techniques. So, they are best used for big areas and objects like walls and trees. This kind of lighting is what gives your home the most visibility at night.

well lights photo

Well lights are a bit more discrete than spotlights. These lights go in the ground and don’t get in the way of lawn mowers which some homeowners find super convenient. Well lights are great for trees and can also be used for columns and walls. You may have seen well lights outside of hotels or casinos. They can be used on your lawn or in concrete areas.

4. Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape lighting isn’t that common, but it’s a great lighting technique. It is achieved with strips of small LED lights and it is fantastic for grilling areas. How often at night do you want to use your outdoor grill, but don’t because there is not enough light? All the time! This fixes that.

It can also be great for highlighting very specific areas of your house like address numbers. GPS is wonderful, but sometimes people just can’t see your address. Hardscape lights can make your home much easier to find.

5. Deck Lighting


Deck lighting is particularly useful if you spend a fair amount of down time outside. It provides the necessary light for eating, reading, playing cards, and just hanging out in general. Deck lights also give you more space on your deck. How’s that? Well, because you have deck lights you can get rid of big lamps that were taking up space before. Plus deck lights look way better than lamps.

Hopefully this article showed you how outdoor lighting techniques help your home look better and allow you to do more outdoors. It enables nighttime grilling, eating, reading, and makes your home beautiful and easy to find. If you still don’t believe us, set up a 3 Day Trial and see how it looks at your home for free.

Happy Lighting!