Top 5 Benefits Of Landscape Lighting For Your Home

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Top 5 Benefits Of Landscape Lighting

Homeowners work hard to make their home look as nice and welcoming as possible, and one of the benefits of landscape lighting is it can do just that! It’s easy to get so caught up on the interior of your home and forget to think about the exterior. Or maybe you work really hard on the exterior with beautiful gardening and trees, but then stop thinking about it at night. Either way, the fact is landscape lighting significantly improves the look of your home at night no matter how much or how little work you do on it during the day.

1. Aesthetics

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This is the most subjective benefits because everyone has different tastes. However, the fact that a home looks better when it has landscape lighting work done is undeniable. It is one of the most obvious before and after differences in the home improvement industry. If you’re still on the fence, and you are a man, think about how happy a well lit front and/or backyard would make your wife. Especially if she (or you) puts significant effort into gardening or trees. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see all that work no matter what time of day it was? There are other benefits of landscape lighting we’ll talk about that some may view as more important, but many of them stem from the fact that homes simply look better when they have professional lighting.

2. Safety

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Second in our benefits of landscape lighting is it can significantly improve the safety of your home. Lighting makes your home a more difficult target for burglars and thieves. You can also light up key hazardous areas that people may hurt themselves on at night. Step lights, for example, help prevent your guests from tripping or falling. They can also be used as a signal that you are expecting visitors. It also may help to simply think of nice neighborhoods vs. bad neighborhoods. Which do you think has more lighting? Our money is on the nice neighborhoods. Professional landscape lighting = a safer home for your family.

3. Easy to Find

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On the flip side of making your home a more difficult target for burglars, landscape lighting makes your home an easier target for your guests. Ever been driving around looking for a friends house and struggled to see the address numbers? Or maybe they even described what the house looked like and you still couldn’t find it because it was so dark. A professional lighting job can take care of that for you. It can show your guests exactly where the entrance is, or other important areas you’d like to highlight. Lighting also makes your home more inviting. This concept is easiest to understand when you look at before and after pictures. Homes with quality landscape lighting have a more inviting and homey feel to them.

4. Property Value


All of these benefits: safety, aesthetics, and making your home easier to find are all reasons why landscape lighting increases the value of your home. According to the NAHB’s 2016 statistics, 39% of buyers think of exterior lighting as “essential” and the rest described it as “desirable”. That’s pretty significant whether you want the value of your property to go up or not. If lighting makes your home that much more valuable, then it’s definitely an investment worth considering.

5. One and Done!

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The final of our benefits of landscape lighting is you only have to do it once. Sometimes you have to repaint parts of your home. Gardening is a year round grind. With lighting you do it once and you are done. Professional landscape lighting companies should offer lifetime warranties on their lights. That way, even if something goes wrong you don’t have to pay for it. It is one of the few home investments that, when you use companies like Landscape Lighting Pros, you only have to pay for one time.

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