7 Types Of Outdoor Lighting For Your Home

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There are an abundance of options to choose from when thinking about what kind of lights to use for your home’s outdoor lighting. So, we decided to show you all the lights we use to create beautiful lighting designs. All our lights are of the best quality (LED and cast brass material) and can cover any needs you have for your home. Enjoy!

1. Path Lights

magnumpro pathlight


summitpro pathlight


conicapro pathlight


As you can see above, we have 3 different path lights. There is no difference in utility among these options, it’s just a question of which you enjoy best aesthetically. Path lights are one of the more obvious type of lights you’ll notice in an outdoor lighting solution. They are generally used to light the path from the sidewalk to the front door. Path lights can also of course be used to light any path necessary.

2. Up Lights/Spotlights


AccentPro 500 Spotlight


AccentPro 800 Spotlight


Accent Pro MR16 Spotlight

As you probably guessed, the difference between the 500 and 800 spot lights are in power. There is also a 300. These are different from the MR16 in two ways. One, they are integrated fixture lights, meaning you do not have to put a bulb in. Two, the lights are adjustable with a controller that comes with the lights where the MR16 is not. The main purpose of the MR16 is if for some reason you want to use an MR16 bulb. This outdoor lighting tech is typically used to light up the sides of homes or various items in the yard.

3. Down Lights


ControlPro 200 LED Down Light


Remote Controller

There is an adjustable and non-adjustable option for these lights, but most choose the adjustable. The controller you see is the same controller you would use for all our outdoor lighting products. These lights are typically used for outdoor patio areas, or other outdoor areas where you have a roof and people under it who need light!

4. Deck Lights


Deck-Design Pro (Louvered)


Deck-Design Pro (Rounded)


Deck-Design Pro (Squared)

These lights only come in an adjustable option and there are three different styles. This is also the only light we’ve discussed so far that has a titanium white option. These lights are more specific in type than the ones we’ve discussed previously. They are really only used for decks, but they are the only lighting solution you need to light up your entire deck.

5. Step Lights


Safe-Step Pro LED Step Light

Like all of our outdoor lighting products, our step lights are made of cast brass material and use LED technology. Also, like the deck lights, it’s pretty obvious what the purpose of these babies is. Steps! It can help with the aesthetics of your set up as well as the safety of your home at night.

6. Well Lights


InsetPro LED In-Grade Light (Open Face)


InsetPro LED In-Grade Light (Glare Guard)

InsetPro LED In-Grade Light Louvered

InsetPro LED In-Grade Light (Louvered)

Our well light collection comes in three different styles, and they are all integrated and adjustable. They are also high traffic lights, which means you can put these lights in your yard and a lawn mower won’t damage them. As for uses, these lights can be used in yards or in concrete. They are great for lighting up the sides of houses or patios, or you can use them to illuminate your trees. Whichever use case you have, we’ve got you covered.


SubTerraPro2 LEDWell Light


SubTerraPro3 LEDWell Light

We also have two other well lights available for your outdoor lighting needs. The main difference between the SubTerraPro2 and the SubTerraPro3 is that the 2 is not adjustable where the 3 is.

7. Hardscape Lights


Soft-Wash Pro 3-inch LED Hardscape Light


Soft-Wash Pro 6-inch LED Hardscape Light


Soft-Wash Pro 12-inch LED Hardscape Light

Last but not least, above are the hardscape lights we use. We also have an 18 inch hardscape light, but we thought 3 pictures was enough to give you the idea. Our hardscape lights are a nice and subtle way of giving light to specific areas on stonework and other outdoor areas. They are typically used to give light to address numbers and grilling areas, however, they have many more design uses that we can consult you on when you use us for your outdoor lighting.

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